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Plantronics Voyager Pro B230 UC

The Voyager Pro B230 UC is ideal for users in the office and on the road with a mix of PC and mobile phone communication for conference calls, webinars, video conferencing, and listening to multimedia.  The B230 allows you to use one headset to manage both your pc and mobile calls, communication on the go has never been smarter.  The Plantronics Voyager Pro B230 UC allows you to be truly mobile with the intelligent next generation technology incorporated into the Voyager Pro UC Bluetooth system, it also includes a Bluetooth mini USB adapter to plug into the pc.  The Bluetooth mini USB adapter is designed to be small enough to just leave plugged in to a laptop for always ready connectivity, no need to unplug and remove when on the go.  The Plantronics Voyager Pro B230 UC has A2DP technology to stream music, podcasts, GPS and more.  It has 128 bit encryption, echo cancellation, and wideband technology.  The Voyager Pro B230 UC also includes iPhone headset battery meter, voice alerts (such as low battery), talk time up to 6 hrs, standby time of up to 5 days, and smart sensor technology.

Smart Sensors detect whether or not you are actually wearing the headset, the sensors are located in the ear loop and the speaker.  The Smart Sensor technology works the same way as the touch (capacitor) sensors in devices like the iPad / iPhone touch screens.  When the headset is brought close to the ear (like a finger near a touch screen), the sensor detects the conductive skin and the sensors communicate this change in state to the headset processor.  The Voyager Pro B230 has a special design so that handling the headset and putting it into your pocket or purse is less likely to cause a false detection.  Even customers that are only in the market for just a Bluetooth headset for their mobile cell phone and do not need it for their pc are buying this headset just because of the cool integrated smart sensor technology.  The smart sensor technology has really made the Voyager Pro B230 UC headset a popular and hot ticket item!

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