2 Corded and 2 Wireless Plantronics headsets compatible with the Nortel T7316 phone.

Plantronics headsets for Nortel T7316 phone.


I am looking for a Plantronics headset for my desk model T7316 phone from Nortel networks. What I need is a headset where I can hear my own voice so I know how loud I am speaking. Either corded or wireless and the more sound blocking from outside noise would be great. I need a range of prices, if possible.


Headsets Direct has a great selection of Plantronics corded headsets and wireless units that are compatible with your Nortel T7316 phone that will certainly help you. If you would like a corded setup, you will need to start with an A10-16 cord (66268-03), which sells for $29.95. Any of our H-series headsets will work with this A10-16 cord. One of the headsets I highly recommend is the Plantronics HW710 selling for around $100. This unit has a high-frequency wideband that will ensure crystal clear calls. It has an ultra-lightweight design and leatherette ear cushions. You will only have one ear covered (so you can hear your own voice). This headset has a noise canceling microphone for loud background noises (will get rid of about 75% of the noise). The HW710 has an extendable boom for placement of the microphone for better clarity. Price wise, on the lower end, you might want to look at an HW510 which sells for around $70, one ear covered, adjustable boom but not extendable. It ships with foam ear cushions.

You can use any of the Plantronics wireless headsets with the HL10 handset lifter on your phone. Our most popular unit is the CS540. This unit has what Plantronics calls a convertible headset, you will receive ear loops (3 different sizes) and a light weight headband for your choice of wearing styles. It is noise canceling. The CS540 gives you 350′ of distance and 7 hours of talk time. The HL10 handset lifter sells for $56 which will give you remote answering when away from your phone. You might want to look at the CS510; this is a true headband style headset. The headband is not detachable like the CS540 unit and it weighs a little more. It is also noise canceling with 350′ distance and 13 hrs of talk time. Pricing for our wireless headsets start around $200.


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