What is the difference between Plantronics and Radio Shack multimedia headsets?

A customer recently told us their homework assignment was to find out, “What is the difference in a Plantronics headset and a multimedia headset bought from Radio Shack?”

That is a very good question, and a great homework assignment!  Typically the headsets that you find in retail stores are what is considered to be “consumer grade” headsets for home use, and the multimedia headsets are usually marketed more for listening to music and certain computer applications.  And to be honest, these consumer grade headsets usually do just fine for average home use, and we do sell some of these types of products as well.  However, our specialty is “commercial grade” headsets.

The commercial grade headsets typically have better sound quality and are more durable than most consumer grade headsets found in retail stores. They are also more universal than consumer grade, you can use the same commercial grade headset on your corded business phone, cordless phone, cell phone, computer, etc… just by changing the bottom cable or adapter.  Commercial grade headsets can also be used at home, but are more commonly found in companies for office applications and places like call centers where there is heavy phone use on a daily basis.  Here are just a few examples of where our commercial grade headsets are used: doctor’s office, credit card companies, phone companies, police and fire departments – 911 emergency operators, schools, and by our military.

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