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Skype Headsets

We often have customers call and tell us they’re wanting to talk to friends, family and co-workers using Skype and need a headset.  If you’re not familiar with Skype, it’s a program you download free of charge to your computer that allows you to talk to people around the world (for free) as long as you both have a computer and internet connection.  If you use the speakers and microphone that come with your computer, you will quickly realize how beneficial Skype is, but hearing through your computer speakers and trying to talk into a mic you can’t see isn’t practical.  Upgrading to a Skype headset will make the experience enjoyable and comfortable being hands free.

Plantronics has many headsets for Skype that are compatible.  The .Audio 655 is a dual ear headset that does a great job of blocking out noise around you so you can hear clearly.  It plugs into your USB port and is ready to use in minutes.  For $42, it’s a great value for a corded Skype headset.

Another possible Plantronics headset for Skype would be the Entera series. A single ear and dual ear version are both available allowing for personal preference.  The Entera is part of the business line of Plantronics headsets compatible with Skype providing better quality of microphone and speaker quality as well as being more durable.

Last would be a wireless Plantronics headset for Skype.  You will spend more money with wireless, but it gives you the freedom to walk around your office or home while you talk.  You can get much more done while talking when not being tethered to a cord and your computer.  You will also find yourself enjoying your conversations more because you can pickup your office or organize your desk while talking instead of worrying about ending your call before loosing more time and not getting things done.

With many Skype headsets to choose from, it comes down to your budget and personal preferences of wearing style.  If you can afford the wireless, you will amaze yourself with the quality and how much tidying up you can accomplish while talking.  If money is tight, a corded headset will still make the Skype experience enjoyable and more comfortable than using the built in speaker and mic on your computer.  And as always, if you have questions, please leave comments or call us.

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