Top 5 Corded Headsets from Plantronics – December 2011

1) HW251– The HW251 Supra Plus headset is the workhorse of the industry. If you are just starting up your own call center, this may be what you are looking for. This headset is convenient and will work with most phones using the correct cable or amplifier. 2) HW251N – The SupraPlus HW251N Wideband headset helps overcome the challenges … Continued

Is the 03929-63 HDI Wireless Training Adapter Just for Wireless Headsets?

Question:  Is the 03929-63 Headsets Direct’s Training Adapter just for wireless headsets?  I have an older S10 amplifier and some headsets, and would like to use them for training. Answer:  In a word, no, it has multiple applications (okay five words).  A Headsets Direct original product, the 03929-63 Training Adapter began as an answer to our customers’ … Continued

Best 5 Corded Headsets from Plantronics – November 2011

1) HW251– A great, dependable single-ear headset for a quiet environment at the office or at home. 2) HW251N – Our best selling noise-canceling headset for that loud environment.  This headset will block out about 75% of your background noise. 3) HW261N – A binaural (dual ear) noise-canceling headset that helps you stay totally focused all day long. … Continued

Top 5 Most Popular Plantronics Corded Headsets – August 2011

1) HW251– The HW251 headset should be in your basic tool kit for any new employee.  This is a straight shooter with a single-ear headset that is comfortable to wear.  While training or working this is a great piece for anyone to wear. It has premium audio, with a quick disconnect that can be used with your telephone … Continued