Using a TR1 with CS500/W700 Series Wireless Headsets and a Cordless Phone

Plantronics TR1 (re-numbered TR-11) adapter is for use on a single line phone. For example: if you are using a cordless phone in your home/home office, the TR1 (TR-11)  will allow you to use any of Plantronics wireless telephone headsets like the new CS500 family which includes the CS540, CS510, CS520 & CS530. It will also … Continued

Plantronics 5 Most Popular Wireless Headsets – October 2011

1) CS540 – The new CS540 Wireless headset is fast becoming the headset of choice for wireless communication among businesses both large and small.  It has all the latest technology built into it and offers the lightest headset on the market.  No wonder its popularity is increasing.     2) CS55 – Not ready to go away yet.  … Continued