Wireless for Computers & Deskphones w/ USB ports

If you’re becoming like most other companies, you’re utilizing your computer more than ever with webinars, online training, and softphones, to name a few. The default speakers and microphone are always sub-par and broadcast your audio for everyone in your office to hear. With wireless computer headsets, you can have superior sound quality, make your audio private, and be hands-free for writing and typing, giving you a huge productivity boost.

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When choosing wireless computer headsets, it’s all about fit, distance, and battery life. Concerning the fit of the headset, you will be choosing between over-the-ear and over-the-head wearing options. Generally, ear models are lighter weight and lower profile. This becomes important if you have numerous face-to-face interactions where you don’t want people to be distracted by your headset. With over-the-head wearing styles, you will have better quality, a more secure fit, and longer battery life/talk time. You can cover one ear if you want to stay in touch with your environment and hear what’s going on around you. For users that want to focus on callers and not be distracted by background noise, covering both ears will be the desired option.