Adapting your headset to a New Phone System

You love your Plantronics corded headset.  It works wonderfully at making your life so much easier. No more achy shoulders and neck pain. You are able to be productive, using both your hands to type or take notes. It’s amazing how a device like a Plantronics corded headset makes your working environment so much better. … Continued

Are you having issues with roaming range?

Are you finding that you are not able to roam the full 350 ft that you needed from your Plantronics wireless headset?  I’m hoping that the following information will help you to make a change to correct the problem or understand why you are experiencing a roaming range issue. There could be a few reasons … Continued

Poly Voyager 4245 CD – Communicate Like A Pro, Without the Pro Price.

The new Poly (formerly Plantronics) Voyager 4245 CD wireless office headset combines all Poly’s most advanced technology with their best, tried, and proven convertible headset. Tried and true, and new! Add unlimited talk time AND a surprisingly low price, you’ll want to reserve yours today on Headsets Direct.    Poly Voyager 4245 CD Office Wireless … Continued

Best Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets of 2020

When you think of headsets, I’ll bet Plantronics is one of the first manufacturers that come to mind. There is a good reason for that. Plantronics has proven time and time again to design reliable, durable, tried, and true headsets for over half a century. This is true for their original corded headset and it … Continued

Poly Produt Update: Plantronics Calisto 5200 End of Life (EoL) Notice

Calisto 5200 Speakerphone End of Life (EoL) Notice.   Poly (formerly Plantronics) has announced that the Calisto 5200 Speakerphone is going end of life. The last order date will be December 15, 2020 and the last ship date will be January 15, 2020 or while supplies last. For replacement products, see info below.   Discontinued: … Continued

Best Call Center Headsets | Guide to Finding Your Best Headset Options

Best Call Center Headsets. What You Need To Know. Call centers have popped up everywhere and with good reason. They are a necessity for consumers needing to get information about products or services as well as for companies canvassing consumers about their own services. It is a good marriage of exchanging information, growing market share, and satisfying … Continued

Best Selling Headsets Q4-2019

Best selling headset lists are assembled to help users gain from the experience of others.  Typically when a company purchases headsets, they are simply adding to their existing supply.  The larger the company the more testing they’ve done.  So small companies and first-time purchasers now have a way to gain insight as to what others … Continued

Jabra Engage 65 Perfect w/ Your Deskphone & PC

I want to do some bragging right now because I’m currently using the Jabra Engage 65 Convertible and I love it! We make a point of trying out all the headsets we sell,  wireless and corded, so we are well informed and know 1st hand how a headset handles the day to day usage and … Continued

Bluetooth Density

BLUETOOTH: There should be no deployment issues if the number of headsets in an area is below 25. However, even if there are fewer than 25 headsets, we recommend you to make sure there is at least 1–1.5 m / 3.3–5 ft between bases. If there are 25 or more headsets, areas and base separation … Continued