Jabra Engage 65 Perfect w/ Your Deskphone & PC

I want to do some bragging right now because I’m currently using the Jabra Engage 65 Convertible and I love it!

We make a point of trying out all the headsets we sell,  wireless and corded, so we are well informed and know 1st hand how a headset handles the day to day usage and stresses of business life.  My boss can attest that when I find one that I like I’m not always pleased to make a change, and often move right back to my usual favorite. But the times…they are –a-changing!

This headset is dream come true for me. I’m really, truly pleased.

Where do I begin? I have so much to rave about it.

1st I want to tell you about the fit. I like to wear Over the Ear/In the Ear styles and this Engage 65 Convertible is incredibly comfortable wearing it that way.  When you’re wearing a headset all day it’s important that you don’t have rubbing or raw spots on your ear. You don’t want to be distracted from your call because you’re in pain. This ear loop is wonderful.  No extra foam cover is needed. The plastic material is pliable so I’ve been able to find the perfect fit for me. No rubbing. No soreness from being too tight.  I’m able to slip it on and off with ease.

It’s feather-light! No exaggeration…I mean that.  I can’t tell you how many times this headset has almost come home with me.  My co-workers laugh at me because it happens so often. I’m out the door, only to come back in a minute later to put my headset in the charger. You know it’s a good headset when you honestly forget you have it on.

The ear tip is in the shape of a tapered funnel…and gently lays in your ear canal. There is no pressure in the ear and you don’t have that feeling like you need to keep jamming it deeper in order to hear better or keep it from falling out.  It’s designed incredibly well.

With busy phones and running back and forth to other departments. I need a headset that gives me the security of knowing it will stay put, giving me great speakers so I can hear my caller and a microphone that picks up my voice without having to repeat myself.  The Jabra Engage 65 does it well!

Finally, this headset takes care of all my business needs. I like it very much; that’s a simple truth. Not sure what I’m going to do when the boss wants me to switch to another headset. I’m not above begging or sobbing in order to continue using it.  Wish me luck! 😉

You most certainly give it a try and enjoy all the benefits this little Jabra Engage 65 Convertible will give you as well!

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