Poly Elara 60 & Voyager Focus Headset

Poly Elara 60 WS w/ Voyager Focus Introduction

This new Poly Elara 60 mobile phone station enhances smartphone collaboration. It allows you to transition seamlessly from your cell phone to the mobile phone station and control how you collaborate with headset, speakerphone, and handset options.

If you have a home office or often work remotely, the Poly Elara 60 was designed to make your life easy.  If you regularly use your cell phone or VoIP phone service though a mobile app on your phone, the Elara 60 will easily connect via Bluetooth.  This gives you a traditional dial pad with a comfortable, great sounding dual ear headset for all-day wearing.  With pillow-soft over-sized cushions and hi-fi audio quality, the headset will block out background noise allowing you to focus on your caller.

Understanding Active Noise Canceling (ANC) in headsets:

Above all, the Voyager Focus headset is one of the few models with Active Noise Canceling (ANC), which tunes the ANC to sound natural, reducing the inner-ear ‘pressure’ effect that is a common complaint with many ANC systems. The optimum in-office ANC and immersive stereo of the Voyager Focus UC provides the ultimate experience.  Concentrate on calls or listen to music in comfort.  In conclusion, this is a must have for anyone working from phone doing extensive outbound calling and dialing.

Poly Elara 60 WS w/ Voyager Focus

The Poly Elara 60 WS features:

  • Seamlessly collaborate with desktop like convenience with headset, speakerphone, and handset options
  • Multi-coil wireless and corded mobile phone charging options therefore, ensures your mobile phone is always charged
  • Use dedicated Microsoft Teams button to launch Microsoft Teams and view Microsoft Teams notifications
  • Supports advanced headset features, for instance smart sensors, dynamic mute alert, hi-fi stereo sound, and active noise cancellation
    (features vary by Plantronics headset model)
  • Use Plantronics Elara 60 Series app to customize settings and update firmware (View Users Guide)
  • Simplified deployment with no need for service provisioning or extra wires since communications are powered by the mobile phone
  • In addition, you can wirelessly stream music or media from your smartphone for time away from work

The Poly Voyager Focus Headset features:

  • Bluetooth for multi-point connections
  • Triple-mics for unparalleled background noise canceling
  • Active noise cancellation lessens background distractions
  • Binaural stereo speakers provide hi-fi audio of amazing quality
  • Leatherette cushions with pillow-soft memory foam for comfort


1 Year Warranty
Part # 212952-411

For additional options visit: Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

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