Plantronics CS540 Microphone Adjustment

The Plantronics CS540 provides a wide range of microphone volume to optimize the loudness of your voice to your caller.  There are two important factors that control your headset microphone volume; microphone positioning of the headset, and microphone amplification from the base.
First, position the CS540 headset microphone approximately 1/4 of an inch away from the side of your mouth.  This will provide the best sound quality of your voice to be picked up by the microphone.  It’s also important to re-position the CS540 headset microphone in the same position each time you put the headset on to maintain consistent microphone volume.


Second, underneath the base of your CS540 you will see adjustment arrows on two round dials and one slide switch.  The lower left dial is the microphone adjustment for the CS540 headset.  You will see a small microphone picture and numbers from 1 to 6.  As you turn the dial, you will feel when it makes contact at each number, and a click will be heard.  Setting 1 is the lowest volume and setting 6 is the loudest.  It is best to adjust the volume level before using the headset.  To do this, get on a call with a co-worker and turn the dial up or down while talking continuously, until your caller indicates optimal volume.
Poly cs540-base setting details


By positioning the CS540 microphone correctly and adjusting the microphone volume setting at initial setup, your voice volume will be consistent and comfortable to your caller.


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