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Calling Hands Free with the Plantronics Savor M1100 Bluetooth Headset

No matter how many times you ask yourself, and all the other drivers out on the road, to please be careful, look where you are driving, you do the same thing almost every time you drive somewhere.  I have pulled out of my driveway, and then looked to see if someone else was pulling out. One time we looked like a well-rehearsed commercial.  I have broken that habit, thank you very much. I tell myself to look at the head bangers in the car next to me and wonder how they can hear a siren even if it was right next to them. It is NOT just kids, it is all ages. Singing at the top of your voice, going over the agenda on what you need to do, even though you have a written note next to you, as well as driving directions.  Oh, I want to hear that new CD I just got on my Ipod. STOP!You can make a difference.  I have a new headset, the M1100 from Plantronics.  Distracted driving, we all live it, drive it, and accept it. One in six highway deaths are attributed to just this cause alone. How tragic that this is happening, not just to the young people, but to the 30-39 year old who had the highest proportion of cell phone involvement.

In 2009, there were 30,797 fatal crashes in the United States which involved 45,230 drivers.  Today it is worse than ever.  Just the other day a school bus crashed, why? Texting while driving.  If you are working, your cell phone needs to be turned off. If your cell phone is part of your job, and your job includes traveling, use a headset.

There are advantages to having a headset that will do the work for you. Voice texting is one of them. You don’t have to have a smart phone to use this program, it is part of the one year free service that comes from Plantronics Vocalyst.  You don’t have to remove your hands to answer a call. Simply say “answer” or ignore. Voice recognition for calling, “call Sue”, then Sue is called. If Sue does not answer I can send her text, by voice, never once having to pick up my phone, scroll through contacts, dial her number, oops, almost ran over the bike left in the road. One second is all it takes to be distracted, one second to regret looking away from the road.

Don’t be the distracted person, be responsible, and wear a headset. Be a leader with your friends, insist on them being used. Make a mountain with your voice, be proactive in your community, and let your voice be heard through your Bluetooth.

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