2 options to make your current Plantronics headset compatible with your computer using a USB headset adapter

Problem:  I have an H251N headset, and it is so comfortable- – – can I use it with my computer also?

Solution:  It sounds like you really love your headset, and although it was designed to be used with a telephone, you do have a couple of options for using it with your computer as well!

Option #1:  Purchase a USB headset adapter.   This handy little device has a quick disconnect on one end and a USB adapter on the other.   You simply plug your headset cord into the quick disconnect end and plug the other end into your computer USB port and you are ready to roll! We offer several different USB headset adapters that range from $46 for a simple unit up to $118 for the top of the line adapter. You will find them on our website by clicking  USB headset adapter and scrolling down.

Option #2:  Purchase the Headsets Direct PC phone/headset switch:  a device which allows you to switch back and forth from your phone to your PC.   It is actually a small box with a silver button on the top.  It has a cord that connects to your soundboard and when the silver button is up you can use your headset with your telephone.  When the silver button is down you can use your headset with your computer.  Headset Direct developed this unit just for people like you who love their phone headset and want to use it with a computer.  This cleaver little item is also priced right- – it’s only $39.95!  You will find our PC phone/headset switch at Computer/VOIP.

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