Computer Headset Accessories

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The first step in finding the correct computer headset accessories is to determine the exact model of headset you have. You can call a headset expert or compare pictures, but make sure it’s an exact match before you move on to compatible accessories. As you continue to the replacement accessories for your particular model, things such as cables, headbands, dongles, and similar items that only come in one size or configuration are easily replaced. Ear cushions, tips, loops, and other items that come in multiple sizes can be more challenging. You may want to purchase a replacement pack which contains all the sizes that originally came with the unit. This ensures you will find the most comfortable piece and be up and going with your headset as soon as possible. Often, customers will guess what ear tip size they had and be quite surprised when the replacement arrives and doesn’t fit their ear. This ultimately means more downtime and shipping costs when the issue could have been averted with a kit containing all sizes.