Solving a problem with the Plantronics CS55 headset

We had a customer having a problem with their Plantronics CS55 Headset & HL10 Handset Lifter:

The Problem: I have had my Plantronics CS55 headset & HL10 for several weeks now, and they have been working great!  Recently, however, it has dropped a couple of calls in mid-conversation.   What’s up?

The Solution: If the HL10 lifter is actually hanging up the phone mid conversation there are several possible quick fixes that may solve your problem.   First, check the small height adjustment button on the back of your HL10 lifter.  You have a choice of low, medium or high settings.   We suggest you set it on the medium  (middle) setting because it works best for the majority of phones.    With some phones if you set the HL10 on the low setting the handset is simply too heavy, so it slowly hangs up on you.

If that adjustment doesn’t solve your problem, lift your handset off the phone and manually pull the arm on your HL10 lifter up as high as it will go; then slowly push it back down.  If the problem persists, your next option is to do a reset on your Plantronics CS55.  You will find instructions on our Plantronics CS55 headset page under FAQ’s.  Look for the reset information in blue print and click onto it.  Once you have completed the reset, your Plantronics CS55 headset and HL10 lifter should be ready to go!

2 responses to “Solving a problem with the Plantronics CS55 headset”

  1. We have a CS55 head sets, keeps dropping phone calls

    We have 1/2 dozzen or more plantronics head sets.

    We tried changing battereis,
    We tried changing head sets
    We tried changing phones

    The phones work fine with out the head sets..

    Any ideas how to fix

    Thank You

    Mike Young

    • Not sure if you are using a Handset Lifter, if you are, did you try changing out the HL10 Handset Lifter ? Sounds like it could be that the motor or gears could be worn out in the lifter (if you are using one). Other than that, it could just be a problem with the base unit.

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