Why doesn’t my Bluetooth headset pair with my new Smart Phone?

  Customer Question: Why doesn’t my Plantronics Bluetooth headset pair to my new Smart Phone?  It worked fine for years with my older phone. I believe it’s a Discovery 975. Our Expert’s Answer: With Bluetooth technology there are two attributes that need to be considered.  The first is to remember that the newer model cell phones … Continued

A Quick Disconnect Cord to 3.5mm Cord for Your Smart Phone

If you are not getting the quality of call you would like from your Bluetooth headset, Plantronics now offers a corded solution for your smart phone.  You can now use a Plantronics corded commercial-grade headset with your smart phone along with a QD to 3.5mm cord  (P/N 38541-02).  This cord will allow you to use … Continued