Is Your Plantronics M22 Vista Amplifier Taking A Cat Nap?

You start your work day with your corded H-series Plantronics headset plugging into your Plantronics M22 Vista Amplifier. After a hectic morning of calls, you decide to take a short break from calls to get to that pile of filing that’s been staring at you the past few days.  A few minutes later, you’ve finished … Continued

Plantronics M22 Vista Amplifier Beginner’s Guide

For phones without an RJ9 or 2.5mm headset jack. For use on single and multi-line telephones. The M22 amp is compatible with any of Plantronics H-series headsets. The M22 plugs into the handset jack on your phone, the handset cord is then plugged into the M22. Some features on the M22 are: Volume control dial … Continued

What’s the best headset for 10-15 employees on a multi-line phone system?

Problem: I’m looking for good quality headsets for an office with 10-15 employees.  Some will not be leaving their desks but others will be moving around.  I have a standard multi-line PBX office phone system.  What do you recommend? Solution: PBX (private branch exchange) is a broad term that covers many brands of office phones.  … Continued

Features of Plantronics Headset Amplifiers

Question: What are the features on your standard Plantronics headset amplifiers such as the M10, M12 and M22?  I’ve misplaced my instructions. Answer:  Here are the features.  You’re looking at the amplifier in front of you.  The single RJ9 jack in front of the amplifier (marked with a headset symbol) should have the coiled “quick … Continued