Plantronics M22 Vista Review

These comments are by staff members of Headsets Direct from personal experiences.

  • Offers superior voice clarity with Clearline™ audio technology
  • Supports the enhanced audio from the latest wideband VoIP phones
  • Delivers optimized audio levels for superior listening comfort
  • Echo management for clearer calls
  • Protection from loud noises
  • Reduces background noise for clearer calls
  • Volume dial, headset/handset button and mute button
  • Adjustable incoming and outgoing volume
  • One-button selection of headset or handset
  • Supports more natural-sounding speech on wideband networks
  • Compatible with most office & contact center phones
  • 2-Year warranty

For pricing and to purchase, please click the link: Plantronics M22 Vista Amplifier

The Plantronics Vista M22 amplifier is the standard amplifier that is required for most headsets to work with multi-line telephones. With the new Clearline audio technology from Plantronics, the M22 Vista provides better audio and more natural speech when used with VoIP wideband phone systems. (You will need a wideband headset from Plantronics to be used with the M22 to take advantage of the Clearline audio technology.) On older phone systems, the M22 will still be the amplifier of choice and have great quality, but just not as good when compared to an M22 on a VoIP wideband system.

The top cord (also known as the pigtail cord) plugs into your telephone handset port or dedicated headset port on newer phones using a modular plug. The bottom cord (or coiled cord) plugs into the amplifier with a modular plug on one end. The other end of the cable has a unique connection called a quick disconnect. This is a connection Plantronics developed that allows the user to disconnect the headset from the amplifier and walk away from their desk. Upon returning to the desk, they can reconnect the headset to the amplifier and begin talking again. This is made to connect and disconnect thousands of times without wearing out.

Another well-designed feature of the Plantronics M22 Vista is the layout of the buttons and volume control settings. On the left edge of the amplifier, you will find a 2-inch long cover. When slid off to the bottom of the amplifier, you will see the compatibility slide switch labeled from 1 to 6. This switch allows compatibility with thousands of different phones on the market. The default setting is 5 and works on most single and multi-line telephones. With this setting, you will need to insert the 2 AA batteries (that are included), or purchase an optional A/C power transformer (part # 26503-01). On setting 5, power is required and without battery or the A/C adapter, the unit will be dead.

Setting 1 is for older, carbon-based telephones, and power is supplied by the phone and batteries/AC adapter is not required. Settings 2-3 are for AT&T, Lucent, and Avaya Phones. There is a white adjustment tool located on the bottom of the M22 to assist with making these changes. Next to the compatibility slide switch, you will find a blue/white microphone adjustment dial. This controls your outgoing microphone level. Turning it clockwise (to the plus sign) will increase your voice volume. Once these controls are set, you can replace the side cover. The only time you would change these settings is if someone different started using the amplifier and had a different phone or voice volume.

On top of the Plantronics M22 Vista you will find the speaker volume adjustment. This controls how loud your speakers are and by having it easily accessible, you can adjust your volume from call to call. 1 is the lowest and 9 is the loudest. Next is the on/off button. When green shows through the purple button window, the unit is on and your headset is ready for use. The next purple button to the right is the mute button which will shut your microphone off. This allows you to mute your call and talk to someone next to you without the caller listening in. Again, when the green shows through, the amplifier is muted.

Another great design feature of the M22 is the battery circuit saver and low battery indicator. After approximately 30-60 seconds of silence, the amplifier will power itself down much like a computer. This will allow your batteries to last 6-12 months if not longer. When the batteries are in need of replacement, you will hear 3 beeps in your headset every time you use the amplifier. This works well as an indicator to change the batteries at your convenience. You can continue to use the unit for weeks if not months. The quality of sound will also start to degrade but the unit will not drop your call at the first sign of a low battery. With the M22, the top of the unit has been updated from the prior M10 model to have more of a smooth, European look. Other amplifiers on the market will drop calls once batteries are low and many need batteries replaced every few weeks because they lack the battery circuit saver.

In conclusion, the Plantronics M22 Vista headset amplifier is a very durable, easy to use amplifier that works with most corded phones. The new European style was a much-needed update and keeps the unit looking modern. With the addition of any Plantronics H-series headset, you will have a headset and amplifier that will last for years and provide quality well above the competition.