Mobile Phone Headsets

To be more productive and improve ergonomics, most companies have added corded or wireless headsets as a standard device at each desk or cubicle, making them as common as a PC, pen, and paper. As business takes many of us on the road, be it visiting local customers, or traveling across the country for major accounts, the tools we use in the office are now available for the road. With a mobile phone headset, you have the benefit of hands-free communication while you write, type or even drive, making you equally as productive as in the office.

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Mobile phone headsets are typically paired to mobile phones, tablets, and laptops directly via a Bluetooth connection. If your device doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can purchase a headset that includes a USB dongle which allows the use of headsets on PCs without Bluetooth capabilities. A great add-on if your company has migrated to a softphone and VoIP phone system.