Jabra GN9350 vs Plantronics W740

Latest update: March 13, 2024

Comparing the Jabra GN9350 headset with the Plantronics W740, the Plantronics W740 wins!

When comparing the Jabra GN9350 headset with the Plantronics W740, the information below shows the Plantronics W740 to give more value for your headset investment.

Plantronics W740 3-way connectivity

Plantronics W740 connects to three devices.
Jabra GN9350 connects to two.The key feature to both of these headsets is versatility.  Using one headset for multiple applications save you money because you don’t need additional headsets and it saves time not  changing from one headset to another.  The Plantronics W740 connects to your desk phone, PC and mobile phone.

Plantronics W740 conference multiple headset units

Plantronics W740 weighs 21 grams.

Jabra GN9350 weighs 26 grams.

When you’re wearing a headset 6-8 hours a day, being lightweight and comfortable will ultimately determine if you like your headset or not.  Both the Plantronics W740 and Jabra GN9350 are comfortable and have multiple wearing styles but the Plantronics W740 weights 5 grams less – That’s 20%!

Jabra GN9350 & Plantronics W740 offer up to 350 feet of range

When it comes to distance, both are industry bests.

Both the Jabra GN9350 and Plantronics W740 provide up to 350 feet of roaming distance.  The standard Jabra 9350 has a 300 foot range but the Jabra GN 9350e is 350 feet.

Plantronics W740 headset

Answer and Hang-up Remote capabilities.

One of the best features of any wireless headset is the ability to answer and hang-up remotely.  Both the Jabra GN9350 and Plantronics W740 have handset lifters which are compatible with most phones to support answer/hang-up remotely.  Both also offer Electronic Hook Switches for a growing number of desk phones which uses a cable for remote answer/hang-up instead of the mechanical lifter.

Plantronics W740 offers simple one-touch call management

From our experience…

We have found time and time again Plantronics’ after sale support is unparalleled in the headset industry. If you need a replacement unit, Plantronics quickly sends a replacement unit to get you up and going.  No questions, delays or run-around.  They simply want you up and going with their headsets working properly.


Fast and Simple Setup

We have prepared a few videos to assist you in selecting a wireless headsets:

Benefits of Wireless Headsets.

Introducing the Savi 700 Series

How to setup the W740 Headset

Helpful Downloads

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How Do I Order?  Order now on our fast and secure website or call 1-800-914-7996 today!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?
Just give us a quick call at 1-800-914-7996 or order the Savi 740 headset here online.

What other Savi wearing styles are available?
Savi W710 Headband – Single Ear (Monaural)

Savi W720 Headband – Dual Ear (Binaural)

Savi W730 Over-the-Ear

How many can I have in one office?
You can have approximately 38 units in one area without performance issues.  As you exceed 38, your roaming distance will diminish with the more units you add.  Since every office is different in spacing, density and active units, the number varies per location.

Technology scares me.  How complicated is setup and daily usage?
We’ve prepared short videos to make setup take less than 10 minutes.  After the first couple days of use, you will never want to work again without it!

How do I get my Savi W740 to switch between devices?
You set the base to assign one of your devices as the primary connection.  When you need a different device, you simply press the corresponding device button on the top of the base.

How do I get my headset to answer a call when I’m away from my desk?
Order the Plantronics HL10 or compatible Electronic Hook Switch Cable (EHS) for remote answer and hang-up capabilities.  Call 1-800-914-7996 for compatibility or see our available options on the HL10/EHS Cables product pages.

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