Bluetooth Headsets

Latest update: April 13, 2019

What Is Bluetooth? Bluetooth wireless technology is set to revolutionize the personal connectivity market by providing freedom from wired connections. Bluetooth is a specification for a small-form factor, low-cost radio solution providing wireless connectivity between computers, mobile phones, Personal Data Assistants, other portable handheld devices, and access to the Internet.


Wireless Solutions from Plantronics – Plantronics currently has many  Bluetooth headsets in its product portfolio, with new products on the way. See below for the Bluetooth headset that’s right for you.


What’s In a Name? The technology’s colorful name stems from Danish history. Harald Bluetooth, a Viking and king of Denmark from the years 940 to 981, was renown for his ability to help people communicate. During his reign, he united Denmark and Norway.  Bluetooth™ is at its core a cable-replacement technology, aimed at eliminating wires between computers, printers, monitors, mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other devices. Originally conceived by Ericsson, it has developed into a short-range standard, using small radio chips in devices that allow them to communicate with one another.  Bluetooth wireless technology takes advantage of the 2.4GHz frequency to make it globally compatible. Though other devices, such as cordless phones, also use the same frequency, special care has been taken in the design process to ensure a minimum of interference with Bluetooth devices. Another method of avoiding interference with other systems is that Bluetooth transmits a very weak signal, a fraction of that sent out by mobile phones. The low power limits the range of Bluetooth communications to approximately 30 feet, but the signal can permeate walls of a house or office.


International Support  The technical development and ongoing quality control of the Bluetooth standard is handled by an international consortium of over 2100 member companies called the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Some of the founding members include Agere, Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, and Toshiba. Plantronics was number 20 in the SIG, showing its commitment to this wireless technology.


Why Use Bluetooth?  Bluetooth is well-received by wireless users for a number of reasons:
No more cable clutter: The convenience of traveling wire-free is unmatched, and less tech savvy users no longer need to worry about which cable goes where.

An inexpensive solution: Bluetooth chips are now approximately $5 each, enabling them to be included in a wide range of devices.
Good for small form factors: Since its battery consumption is minimal, Bluetooth is suitable for very small devices, such as mice, mobile phones, and headsets.

Easy connection: Using Bluetooth devices together is practically transparent to the user – once paired, the devices speak to each other, and not to other Bluetooth devices.


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