Poly Product Update: Voyager 6200 UC Part Number Change

Part Number Change: Poly Voyager 6200 UC

The Voyager 6200 UC (black) has new part numbers starting April 1, 2020 or while supplies last (for the sand colored variant, see below) We are transitioning to new part numbers due to new and improved hardware that provides enhanced transmit audio (what the person on the other end hears). This is effective in ALL regions. Customers will be automatically transitioned to the new part numbers.

Voyager 6200 part number change

Part Number Model Description Replaced By New Part Number New Model Description
208748-01 Voyager 6200 UC,B6200,BLACK,WW 208748-101 Voyager 6200 UC,B6200,BLACK,WW
211718-01 Voyager 6200 UC,B6200 USB-C,BLACK,WW 211718-101 Voyager 6200 UC,B6200 USB-C,BLACK,WW
213971-01 Voyager 6200 UC,B6200,BLACK,WW,BLE N/A No Replacement
214028-01 Voyager 6200 UC, BLACK,CN,BLE 216848-101 Voyager 6200 UC, BLACK,CN,BLE



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