Best Five Plantronics Headsets/Corded Headsets – September 2012

1) HW251 SupraPlus – The SupraPlus headset has been a favorite amongst office and contact center professionals alike making the HW251 a very popular headset.  The HW251 comes with an extra voice tube and is a single ear headset. 2) HW251N SupraPlus – Just when you thought you had a great headset with the HW251, but now with the … Continued

Headsets with Ear Cushions That Will Completely Cover Your Ears!

The Supra and SupraPlus headsets have an additional ear cushion that can be purchased separately to help cut down on the noise level around you.  With one or both ears completely covered, you can give your full and complete attention to your calls, instead of being distracted with the noise level of your coworkers. You … Continued

Best Five Plantronics Headsets/Corded Headsets – May 2012

1) HW251N – This noise-canceling headset helps block out about 75 percent of the background noise, but still keeps an ear open for conversations. 2) HW251 – This light-weight headset is a great asset to your work load.  It’s comfortable enough to wear all day long. 3) HW261N – Plantronics’ most popular dual-ear, noise-canceling headset.  Both ears are covered so … Continued

Top Five Plantronics Headsets/Corded Headsets – April 2012

1) HW251N – The flagship of Plantronics’ corded headsets, it sports a noise-canceling microphone that is second to none.  It really does the job! 2) HW251 – The surprising rich sound that comes through the speakers will have you wondering why you hadn’t purchased this headset before. 3) HW261N – The binaural feature of this headset will allow you to … Continued

Best 5 Plantronics Headsets/Corded Headsets – March 2012

1) HW251– Still our best selling corded headset. 2) HW251N – HW251N is still the heavyweight champion of the headset market.  Our most popular corded headset with a noise-canceling microphone. 3) HW261N – The HW261N’s binuaral ear cushions make this headset “noise canceling”, for both you and your client. 4) HW261 – Focus in on your … Continued

Best 5 Plantronics/Headsets Corded Headsets – January 2012

1) HW251– The HW251 is a dependable headset for a quiet environment at the office or at home. 2) HW251N – Our most popular noise-canceling headset, the HW251N is perfect for use in a noisy environment. 3) HW261N – If you need total concentration while on your calls, this binaural (dual ear) noise-canceling headset will help you … Continued

Top 5 Corded Headsets from Plantronics – December 2011

1) HW251– The HW251 Supra Plus headset is the workhorse of the industry. If you are just starting up your own call center, this may be what you are looking for. This headset is convenient and will work with most phones using the correct cable or amplifier. 2) HW251N – The SupraPlus HW251N Wideband headset helps overcome the challenges … Continued

Plantronics 5 Most Popular Corded Headsets – October 2011

1) HW251N – The HW251N headset is a great choice for office and contact centers alike. With its premium audio and flexible microphone, communicating should never be a problem. 2) HW251– The HW251 is a popular headset for a quiet office environment.  With its light weight style it can easily be worn all day long. 3) HW261N … Continued