EHS Cables & Handset Lifters

To get the most out of your wireless headset investment, be sure to consider a compatible Electronic HookSwitch (EHS) cable or handset lifter. The most important benefits include: 1) You receive incoming call alerts through your headset speaker 2) You can answer/hang-up calls away from your desk 3) They automate the process and simplify how … Continued

Introducing New Poly Calisto 5300 Speakerphones

Imagine a speakerphone so flexible, you can take it with you wherever you go, turning your current location into a mobile office. Now imagine you could take that power and flexibility and add it to Microsoft Teams meetings? That’s what we’ve done alright.  We’ve improved the Poly Calisto experience even further by introducing the Calisto 5300. … Continued

Audio and Video Accessories

Find accessories you need for your Audio and Video Equipment that you have purchased from us. Many customers will buy extra power plugs or cables. This allows you to quickly unplug the main components and relocate to a different location. With a second set of cables already in place, you can jump into your conference … Continued

The Best of Both Worlds with your USB Headset!

  Investing in and choosing a great quality Bluetooth USB headset or Corded USB headset is an important choice for most of us. We want to make sure we get the sound quality, comfort and function that work best for our needs.  You have found the perfect Plantronics USB headset and it works great for … Continued

Must-Haves for Phone Training and Being A Better Coach

If you do phone training, our Wireless Adapter and Y-Cords are a must-have. Great for New Hires New hires can listen into both sides of a call, reducing training time and improving their training experience. This speeds up the learning curve and makes them more effective. Compare hearing only the outbound part of the conversation … Continued

Why You Need A Lifter Or EHS Cable With Your Plantronics Wireless Headset.

Plantronics Handset Lifters & EHS Cables: Handset Lifter: Plantronics HL10 EHS Cable: All Cables Available Compatibility Assistance: Links to determine which lifter/EHS cable you need The biggest reason you need a handset lifter or EHS cable is you get a lot more value and production out of your wireless headset by adding one of these devices.  There are … Continued

Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor – Introduction, Features and Benefits Video.

Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor: The new Plantronics DA80 is a high-performance USB audio processor for analog headsets.  The DA80 has a standard USB connection on one end, then a cord, then the inline controls, and finally the standard Plantronics quick disconnect.  This is where you would also need an H-Series headset to plug into the quick-disconnect connection … Continued

End of Life Announcement – Plantronics APU-7 Cisco EHS Cable (PN: 83017-01)

End of Life Announcement – Plantronics APU-7 Cisco EHS Cable (PN: 83017-01) The APU-7 EHS Cable is being discontinued. The APU-7 supports call control with our discontinued CS50/55/60/70 products and Cisco (8961, 9951, 9971) and Avaya (Avaya1120E, 1140E, 1150E, 1165E) phones. The anticipated last shipment date is October 10, 2014, or while supplies last.

Win $100* With A Headset Selfie and What That Can Get You

You may have seen our recent Facebook promotion with a chance for you to win $100 off your next purchase by posting a headset ‘selfie’ on our Facebook page…so what could that get you? Well short of putting it towards a larger purchase with one of our world-class Plantronics Business Headsets, there are plenty of … Continued