Can you connect multiple headsets to one base and telephone for conference calls & training?

Yes, you certainly can pair up to three additional wireless headsets to the same headset base for training purposes or for a joint conference call.  This is available on the current Plantronics wireless headsets, such as: CS540, CS510, CS520, CS530, CS545-XD, as well as the Savi series of headsets; W710, W720, W730, W740, and W745.

As an example, you can pair a spare CS520 headset to the CS520 base and both of you can talk and listen in on the same phone call.  At Headsets Direct, we also use our Headset Training Adapter to listen in and train new employees.

Furthermore, being able to pair more than one headset to a base is also beneficial for a 24/7 operation such as emergency services since it allows users to have their own headset for sanitary reasons during their shift without having to share headsets with co-workers.

For instance, let’s say you have a CS540 hooked to your phone and three shifts that will work around the clock at this station.  The CS540 is a complete unit with one headset. Therefore, these are the additional items needed for the other two headsets to be used as their users come on duty:  Charging cradle (84599-01), Charging Base (86005-01), and a CS540 Spare Headset (86179-01).

These items allow for the two headsets that are not in use to charge. So, when each employee comes on duty, they place their headset in the headset base that is connected to the phone. The headset will automatically pair to the base for the duration of their shift.

Above all, if you are confused, please call us at 800-914-7996. We will be happy to help you find the right multi-user/multi-shift wireless system to match your needs.

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