Plantronics Audio 355 Computer Headset

The Plantronics .Audio 355 is a versatile, good quality, multimedia computer headset.  The .Audio 355 is great for music, gaming, and can be used with voice recognition software as well as various soft phone programs like SKYPE.  The .Audio 355 has 40mm stereo speakers to deliver quality audio with maximum bass response to make listening to music, watching DVDs, and playing games even more enjoyable.  The Plantronics .Audio 355 computer headset is equipped and featured with good voice quality, due to having an adjustable boom with a noise canceling microphone which allows ideal, precise placement for improved communications and clarity to ensure that your internet callers hear you clearly.

The Plantronics .Audio 355 is also great for online gaming.  The .Audio 355’s lightweight and adjustable headband comes with leatherette ear cushions to deliver all day wearing comfort, while the 40mm speakers give you rich sound and resonant bass to really get you into the game.

Convenient in line volume and mute controls give you full, quick and easy adjustability over your listening and speaking experience.  The “stowable” boom microphone just pushes up and out of the way to ensure that it can be neatly stored when listening to music or watching a movie.  The .Audio 355 connects to the computer via the (2) 3.5mm cables which will plug into the microphone and speaker / headset jacks on the PC.  You can also usually just plug the one speaker cable into the headset jack on a portable DVD player or other device that has a 3.5mm headset jack, if you just want to listen to audio (and leave the mic cable unplugged).  The 3.5mm soundboard plugs make the Plantronics .Audio 355 computer headset easy to use with both regular desk top computers and laptops that have the two separate little round headset and microphone jacks.  The .Audio 355 computer headset is a good headset that’s priced right.

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