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EHS Cables & Handset Lifters

To get the most out of your wireless headset investment, be sure to consider a compatible Electronic HookSwitch (EHS) cable or handset lifter. The most important benefits include: 1) You receive incoming call alerts through your headset speaker 2) You can answer/hang-up calls away from your desk 3) They automate the process and simplify how … Continued

Help? Is there a way to let people know I am using my headset?

Q: How can I let someone know that I am on a call when they walk up to my desk and I’m using my Plantronics CS55 Wireless Headset? A: you can get the Plantronics “Busy Light” (65116-02) or “On Line Indicator” (OLI) that flashes when you are on a call. You can put it on … Continued