Must-Haves for Phone Training and Being A Better Coach

If you do phone training, our Wireless Adapter and Y-Cords are a must-have.

Great for New Hires
New hires can listen into both sides of a call, reducing training time and improving their training experience. This speeds up the learning curve and makes them more effective. Compare hearing only the outbound part of the conversation to hearing both sides. Clearly, a new person is going to learn to handle specific situations faster, as well as internalize the company “voice” more naturally and quickly.

Makes You A Better, More Effective Trainer and Manager
The benefits of multitasking while using a wireless headset also apply to you when monitoring a new hire. Stay productive while waiting for a connection and even during calls you monitor (your headset is muted). The Adapter even allows you to drop into a call if need be with a push of a button. Many of our users will instant message trainees during the call with suggestions. It also allows you to provide feedback and coach employees after the call.

Wireless Headset Training Adapter - ZoomSwitchWireless Training Option:
Looks simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is. Powerful, too.
-Attach it to the phone making the calls to be monitored.
-Plug in 2 headsets, corded or wireless.
-The headset doing the monitoring is muted by the push of a button.
-If the monitoring headset is wireless, you can go where work needs you, being productive on your own while listening.
-You can also drop into the call if needed with the push of a button.

More info and ordering: Zoom Wireless Adapter

Corded Training Option:

The Y-Cable allows two headsets to use one amplifier/bottom cable when you train with corded Plantronics headsets. Now two people can monitor calls for training purposes. A toggle switch allows you to control which mic is live and which is muted (only one of the monitoring mics is live, the other is automatically muted).

Poly Y-Training CableMore info and ordering: Poly Y-Cord

Both options are simple to install and use, inexpensive, and dramatically improve your ability to train employees how to be more effective on the phone.

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