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Plantronics Cisco Direct Cable 26716-01

So how do you know what to get? How do I find what I need? Where can I get the expert help that I need.  Well you have the experience, knowledge, and test of time at your fingertips.  We are the Sales and Support Specialists here at Headsets Direct Inc.  We are here to help you find what is practical and correct for your Cisco phone.  At your finger tips is a great tool and asset to your company, us.

We start with our Cisco Headset Compatibility Guide to determine if an cable or amplifier is required to connect your headset to your Cisco phone.

Model: HW261N it’s not just what you say; it’s how you’re heard. The SupraPlus is the solution of choice for contact center agents the world over.

Connector Required

26716-01 Coil Cord to QD Modular Plug

Part Number: 26716-01 Adapter Cable-Quick Disconnect-to-Modular Cord.

Just when you think you have it figured out, you probably do.  This cable from Plantronics is designed to fit almost all Cisco phones.  If you’ve checked on the model number of your phone and picked out your corded headset, then the cable you will most likely need is the Cisco Direct Cable part number 26716-01.  Cisco phones are used in many call centers across America.  Most often the work force is people like you and me. We are not bound by switchboards and holding a phone between our shoulder and neck.  By using a headset such as a HW261N corded with a quick disconnect (this is a trade mark of Plantronics) and add the Cisco Direct cable 26716-01, you now are set to open the center.

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