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How does the Plantronics Headset Lifter work?

Q:  I am looking at Plantronics Headsets for my office phone.  How does the phone lifter work with 12 lines?  I presume I can hang up whatever line I’m on, but can’t pick up any of the 12 lines except at my phone, correct?

A:  When you have a wireless headset with a handset lifter, you can answer and hang up away from your telephone.  As long as your telephone lets you answer any line that is ringing just by picking up your handset receiver and not having to press a button on the phone itself, the wireless headset will work the same way.  However if you need to answer a specific line, transfer a call, or need to put someone on hold, you will need to go back to your telephone to perform these tasks.  Just remember that a headset only takes the place of your handset receiver, and does not change the way that a telephone functions.

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