Headset Voice Tubes

Do you keep hearing from your callers that your voice is not as clear as it used to be, or that it seems to be a little fuzzy? It could be, that your voice tube needs to be replaced. In fact Plantronics, the number 1 manufacturer of voice tube headsets recommends that you replace your voice tube every six months. The Plantronics 17593-01 Headset Voice Tube is used for H31, H41, H51 and H61. It helps provide a clear, crisp communication between you and your caller. If you have a newer headset, such as H81, H91, H101, H141, H171, H251, H261, H351 or an H361 we recommend the Plantronics 29960-01 Headset Voice Tube. Trying to clean the end of the tube rarely makes much of a difference. There is a small screen at the end of the tube that collects makeup, mustard and other stuff which gets caked in and is impossible to remove completely.

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