Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor – Introduction, Features and Benefits Video.

Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor:

The new Plantronics DA80 is a high-performance USB audio processor for analog headsets.  The DA80 has a standard USB connection on one end, then a cord, then the inline controls, and finally the standard Plantronics quick disconnect.  This is where you would also need an H-Series headset to plug into the quick-disconnect connection to make everything work.

So the brains of the whole thing is in the inline controls; this is really what you want to focus on. The DA80 is a very smart device. Up to this point, the typical cables that would plug into your PC haven’t had very many features, they just gave you basic volume and mute controls. This is the first device that’s really stepped that up a notch, which will be very helpful for people who are migrating to VOIP. If you are using voice-over on the Internet, using cloud-based phone systems for the first time, or if you are in a contact or call center where you are using applications that can use contextual intelligence where the software and the headset are speaking to each other, the Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor would be perfect. The DA80 knows when the headset is on your head, or when the headset is plugged in. In your software, you are able to see when you are actively ready to accept calls or are making calls, and your manager is able to see when you are online and able to take a call. If you disconnect your headset from the quick disconnect, and you are using compatible software, it registers that you are disconnected, it no longer sends calls to your station, and your supervisor can see that you are off line. So contextual intelligence is a really new idea that is going to advance quickly, as more software applications become available.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor. So first off, there is a green LED that tells you a lot about what’s going on in your call. If the LED is flickering, that means you have an incoming call. If it is steady, you are on an active call, and if it is flashing, you have a call on hold. And it gives you call control, so it also allows you to just simply push a button to take a call, you push it again, and that disconnects the call.  If you press it and hold it briefly, you can put a call on hold.  Also it gives you volume up and volume down for your speaker. You also have a mute button, which lights up red, so you can really see what is going on right there at your fingertips, at the quick disconnect. You don’t have to fumble through your software or fumble with your mouse to turn your speaker up or down or mute, it’s all right here in front of you.  So it makes your life much easier, if you’re using VOIP or a cloud-based phone system. Again, this is the Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor.

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