Plantronics Savi W740 Wireless Headset Setup & Installation Guide from Headsets Direct

Easily setup and install your Plantronics Savi W740 wireless headset:

This setup guide from Head Sets Direct will feature the Savi W740 Wireless Headset, please note that the W720 was used for this video. It is the exact same setup as the W740. The Savi 700 series comes with a headset, talking cradle, base unit and cords. The first thing you want to become familiar with is the base unit. On the back far left you will find an AC power supply, next position is where the optional handset lifter plugs into, your hand set cable and lastly USB connection that goes to your computer.

Take the docking station and firmly press it down on the base unit on the right hand side, this is where you will store your headset and also is the charging portion of the base. The first step to plug into your phone is the cable that plugs into where the handset goes, unplug your handset from the side of the phone and plug this cable into the side. The other end of the cable goes to the back of the base unit. There is only place to plug this into. Next plug your AC power cord in to the left side that plugs into the outlet and UL and to the far right side is where the USB cable goes. This connects the base unit and the other end plugs into the USB port in your computer. The last cable to plug into is the handset cord goes back into that cable that came with the Savi that allows you to still use your telephone if the headset is off. Last put your headset into the docking station and let it begin charging and it is ready for use.

The Savi 700 connects to three devices to the top left of the base that shows you are connected to your computer, the middle button is your mobile phone and the right is your desk phone. At the bottom of the base the blue LED shows you are connected to your mobile phone and the green button below shows you are connected to your headset. To the side of the base unit is where you control your volume controls, to the left is your mike, to the right is your speaker and the middle slide switch controls compatibility. As you look at the base unit to the bottom right the light will come on when the headset is charging. Now to take a closer look at the Savi W740 headset controls, to the left of the unit is your volume and mute button. It is a rocker switch where if you rock it up it increases your speaker volume, down lowers and if you push the button in it mutes the headset microphone. The call control button is located in the center of the headset which turns you in on and off and with the optional handset lifter allows you to answer and hang up remotely and last the headset on off LED light will flash white when the headset is in use.

The Savi 700 series allows you to connect a computer, mobile phone and desk phone all to one headset. When you have an incoming call pressing the call control button on your headset will automatically answer whichever device is ringing. To make an outbound call pressing the call control button by default will go to your desk phone. If you need mobile or computer you would press that button at the top of the base. You can also change what your default device is.

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