What Model Phone Works Best with My Headset?

Those of you who have ever called Headsets Direct in search of a headset for an office phone have often heard the question:  What’s the make and model of your phone?  While some may think of it as lengthening the selection process since, after all, they already know what headset they want, the question is crucial in determining what headset works best with a specific phone.  After all, it’s really frustrating receiving your order and discovering that it’s missing a key element or it’s completely wrong all together.  So, though we don’t recommend any particular brand or model  of phone over another (hundreds available), we hope these basic guidelines will assist you in knowing what phone to purchase before calling us to select a quality Plantronics headset.

One key factor in selecting a phone is style.  Which designs work with headsets and which ones don’t?  Many of us are familiar with the Trimline phone.  Cute phone, but it doesn’t work with headsets.  The handset needs to be a simple speaking device with no other features, such as a dialer, etc.  Those features need to be on the base, like a traditional office phone, since the headset is being connected to it.

Another “don’t” is the obscure shapes of many of today’s phones.  Today, many phones are leaving the traditional straight lines of previous years.  This can cause real problems when using wireless headsets and lifters with your phones.  Though headset makers are working to bypass the handset lifter with electronic hook switch cables, the majority of phones still need a lifter for remote answer /end of calls, so the correct shape is very important when selecting your phone.

One final design “don’t” is the angle at which the phone sits on your desk.  While it’s nice to be able to clearly see all the features on your phone, extreme angles, like odd shapes, make it difficult, if not impossible, for the handset lifter to work properly.  Our unofficial tests have shown that when your phone sits at an angle higher than 45 degrees, the lifter has difficulty allowing the handset to properly come back down on the phone.  So you want to purchase a phone that will allow you to adjust that angle, if this is possible.

If you still have any questions, give Headsets Direct a call at 800-914-7996 for further assistance.

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