Plantronics Bluetooth System Compatible with Phonak and Oticon Hearing Aid Pendants.

Plantronics Bluetooth system to use with Hearing Aid Pendants.

When a customer has a Phonak and Oticon Bluetooth enabled hearing aid pendant system, Plantronics recommends to use the following items that will work with their desk phones to make and receive calls.

  • Plantronics MDA200 switcher:  P/N 83757-01
  • AC Power Supply, P/N: 80090-05
  • BT adapter P/N:  92714-01 (SSP-2714-01) Call to Order
  • HL10 P/N: 60961-35

or EHS Cable depending the model of the phone.

NOTE: Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 introduced new power management profiles. The new settings cause problems for the MDA200 and many other USB powered devices. When the MDA200 is connected for USB powered operation on a computer running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, it does not power on fully, which results in the attached headset not installing on the computer. Plantronics recommends Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 users power their MDA200 with the accessory power supply.

The Power supply does not come with the MDA200 and must be ordered separately, Part #: 80090-05

Plantronics MDA200 Switcher:

The Accessories are sold separetly, not included on the MDA200 switcher.


You can Purchase the HL10 and Power Adapter as Bundle Set P/N:  86008-01

The Bluetooth Adapter for hearing Aid pendants is:

P/N: Part number: 92714-01

Only works with Phonak & Oticon Hearing Aid Pendants, if customer has a different brand, may have connections issues

This device will be set up with the MDA200 switcher.



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