Best Five Plantronics Headsets/Computer Headsets – December 2012

Plantronics .Audio DSP 400 USB Computer Headset1) .Audio DSP-400 USB Headset – If you want to have a headset that sets you apart, well, this one certainly will.  Whether you are just having fun or working away, the .Audio DPS-400 headset will provide you with amazing sound and comfort.  I think you will like how you look with it on too!




Plantronics .Audio 478 USB Computer Headset2) .Audio 478 USB Headset – You can fold up the awesome .Audio 478 USB Headset and take it with you!  It is packed with features like the DSP for canceling audio spikes and eliminates echoing, the inline controls are at your finger tips, and 24-bit Hi-Fi stereo sound that makes listening to music, Skype calls, or videos crystal clear.



3) Blackwire C310 – If you are looking for a quality USB computer headset that is affordable too, then the Blackwire C310 is it.  You can do conference calls, webinars, and multi-media applications with ease and comfort.




4) Blackwire C320 – The Blackwire C320 has all the same features as the Blackwire C310, but has both ears covered.  Since it is a binaural headset, you will experience Hi-Fi stereo when listening to audio.  The SoundGuard technology protects you from audio spikes, and the DSP provides a more natural-sounding voice on your calls.



5) Blackwire C710 – This Blackwire is the latest and greatest within the Blackwire family!  It is unbelievable comfortable, and it is also Bluetooth.  You can unplug it from your computer and then just pair it to your Smartphone, and you are wireless.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you will want to, because I can’t fit all of its features in this blog!


If you’re deciding between computer headset models, it never hurts to see what the top five computer headsets from Plantronics are, because chances are other customers have purchased computer headsets and found what they liked and continue to buy. Choosing any will provide a great headset to use with your desktop or laptop computer.

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