How to Pair Multiple Headsets to the Plantronics CS500 Wireless Headset Series

You can pair up to an additional 3 headsets to any of the newer CS500 wireless headsets.

Note: You can pair any of the older/newer Savi units to the base of any of the CS500 series however you are not able to pair the older CS series of headsets to the new CS500 bases.

To join a conference call:

  1. The primary user needs to place the call first.
  2. After you have your caller on the line, place the first guest headset into the primary user’s charge cradle.
  3. When the base subscription LED stops flashing white and becomes solid white, the primary headset user will hear a tone indicating a guest wishes to join the call.
  4. Press the primary user’s call button to accept the guest headset within ten seconds, or the request is terminated, and the guest will hear an error tone in their headset.
  5. Follow this process if you have two more users that wish to join the call.

You can also have a guest join the conversation that is using a different style of headset.

  1. Press the base subscription button while the base has an active link.
  2. Press the guest headset volume up button until the indicator light turns on.
  3. When the base subscription LED stops flashing white and remains solid white, the request to join will be heard in the primary user’s headset
  4. The primary user will have to press their call button within 10 seconds to accept the guest.

Note: Guest headset can remain as guest through multiple calls.

To remove the guest headset:

Press the guest headset’s call button or dock the primary user’s headset in the charge cradle. A single tone in the master headset will be heard as each guest leaves the call.

5 responses to “How to Pair Multiple Headsets to the Plantronics CS500 Wireless Headset Series”

  1. Syncing Headsets
    • Go on work (unavailable)
    • Turn both headsets on
    • Agent has primary headset on their ear
    • Put second headset in cradle
    • When primary headset hears beep, press the button on primary headset
    • Take the secondary headset out of charger
    • Mute secondary headset.

  2. please is there any way i can pair the c054 with another c054 for training purpose
    thanks and help if there are any information

    • Yes, Our HDI Wireless Headset Training adapter allows you to use two wireless headsets for training.
      Plug one wireless unit into the adapter for normal conversations or plug a second headset (wireless or corded) into the adapter for training. Both microphones can be muted with a push of a button and the supervisor can return to their employee or agent to provide additional coaching or with the touch of a button, take over the call.

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