What are the Plantronics Top Bluetooth Headsets for 2012?

Just to Name a Few Bluetooth Headsets

The Voyager Pro HD is the smartest Bluetooth headset that Plantronics has designed to date. This is the first headset that knows when you are wearing it and when you’re not. The smart sensor technology knows when you have the headset on, so you never have to touch a button to answer a call. It will also whisper voice alerts to you, so you are always informed of your remaining talk time and battery life. Not only can you listen to music with the Voyager Pro HD, but you can stream music from other Bluetooth devices as well.

The Savor M1100 Bluetooth headset is among one of the lightest headsets made by Plantronics. This awesome headset offers up some of the latest technology available today. The Savor M1100 has three microphones which produce superior sound quality. It also has whispered voice alerts for talk time and battery life, and if you have an Apple iPhone or Android, it will display the battery meter on your phone. If you find yourself in a noisy environment, don’t worry, because with AudioiQ3 and DSP Technology, your caller won’t even notice.

One of the most exciting headsets released this year from Plantronics is the BackBeat Go. This incredibly light Bluetooth headset offers a big sound in a small package.  It sounds especially great when used with an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod, and you can switch between music and talking with the in-line controls on the headset.  The ear buds are soft and very comfortable, so you may forget you even have them on. Since the ear buds fit in your ear you won’t be distracted with external noise and can hone in on the great stereo sound they produce. My husband (claims) he can’t hear a thing I’m saying when he is wearing his…Hmmm, I wonder!

The newest releases to the Plantronics family are the M55 and M25. Both headsets let you be completely hands free to answer your calls. Voice dialing is just a tap of a button away. After 90 minutes of being out of range of the phone, the headsets will automatically go into deep sleep mode to conserve the battery life; when the headset come back into range of the phone, just tap the button on the headset to reconnect.  The headsets feature the DeepSleep power saving mode to stay charged for up to five months.

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