Is the 03929-63 HDI Wireless Training Adapter Just for Wireless Headsets?

Question:  Is the 03929-63 Headset Training Adapter just for wireless headsets?  I have an older S10 (Updated to S12) amplifier and some headsets, and would like to use them for training.

Answer:  In a word, no, it has multiple applications (okay five words).  A Headsets Direct original product, the 03929-63 Training Adapter began as an answer to our customers’ complaints of why isn’t there an effective way for two people on wireless headsets to train together.  They were constantly whining: “Why doesn’t Plantronics have an adapter for training wirelessly?”  We didn’t have an answer so our design engineers got together and worked tirelessly in the lab until the 03929-63 Training Adapter was born.  In the words of another famous engineer (albeit a little on the mad side): “IT’S ALIIIVE!”  Well, that’s how it came to be, and after the euphoric melodrama had subsided, it proved to be very effective for its intended purpose of uniting two wireless headsets for training.  Now, with proper training and more mobility, workers could multi-task more efficiently and businesses could squeeze the most out of their smaller, already stretched staff.

Then our engineers put their brains together again and thought: “Hmm, can we use this baby in other applications?”  So, they returned to the lab to test other systems and see how they could expand the versatility and usefulness of their new little creation.  And wouldn’t you know it, that little sucker has turned out to be more than a one-hit wonder, shazam!  While with some Plantronics amplifiers it’s better to use the 27019-03 PLX Y-Training Cord (e.g. M22 and two HW251), the 03929-63 Training Adapter can unite many more diverse devices in communication harmony.  It’s so universal you can use it to unite Plantronics wireless (CS540) with corded models (M22); it can bring together two headsets behind one amplifier (like your S10); you can use it with an amplifier, corded or wireless, and the telephone handset; you can use it with Plantronics and GN (or any other brand) as long as they’re nice to each other, and it even works for you tightwads who hang on to ancient headsets and amplifiers like the PLX400 (hey, they’re still workin’ dude).  Harmony!  Might this really be “the dawning of the age of Aquarius?”

Give the sales team at Headsets Direct a call (800-914-7996) and see what else the 03929-63 Headset Direct’s Headset Training Adapter can do for you.  Remember, harmony is a good thing.

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