Here are 5 ways we’re saving you time and money in 2010:

There’s an old saying, “Saving time and money is always in the budget.”  In today’s economy that’s never been truer.  I’m proud to say we continue to add new ways to save both with the products we introduce and the things we do.
We’ve launched our blog where anyone can ask a question and receive a thorough answer and advice.  You’ll also find text links (in blue) on our website’s product pages that link to information you just can’t find anywhere else (customer reviews, installation how-to’s). And, during business hours, you have two ways to talk with a headset expert: live chat and by phone.
It’s like two headsets for the price of one.  Make landline calls and simply press a button for VoIP calls and voice chats via your computer.  Superb voice quality (people will never know you’re talking for free via VoIP), comfort and battery life.  The last headset you’ll need to buy for a long, long time.
The noise-canceling on this unit is remarkable.  Check our site for all the technical reasons why, but we’ve tested this in the car, windows down, heavy traffic and in crowded restaurants.  If it isn’ t the quietest, best sounding Bluetooth cell headset you’ve ever used, return it.  It’s that good.
It’s where the entire industry is headed, and we can be your guide.  It’s goal: a new level of simplicity and transparency in voice, video and IM communications with those you talk with, wherever they are.  And it all starts with the cost-savings afforded by VoIP.
This is the next generation technology that replaces the handset lifter.  It enables remote answer/end and ring alert with your wireless headset.  If you have a newer phone system, we likely have a compatible EHS.

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