Installation Instructions for Wireless Training Adapter 03929-63

The listed instructions are for two Plantronics Wireless Headsets with or without an HL10 handset lifter.


There are different Plantronics products that can be used with this adapter.  See our website for other configurations in the HDI Wireless Training Adapter User Guide.

Training Adapter (03929-63): The training adapter ships with its own cord. The cord plugs into the end of the training adapter where you see the word TEL. This cord should not be traded out for a longer cord.  On the other end of the adapter there is an A jack and a B jack, this is where your wireless headsets will be plugged in.

Setting up the first wireless headset:

Note:  Some phones also have a HEADSET jack, if you have a HEADSET jack on your phone, do not plug this training adapter into it, the adapter will not work.  It must be plugged into the HANDSET jack for people to be able to hear you.

Step 1: On your phone, unplug the cord that is in the handset jack, (this cord comes from the wireless headset charging base).

Step 2: Take the cord you just unplugged from the phone’s handset jack and plug it into the A jack on the training adapter.

 Step 3: Take the cord plugged into the training adapter next to the word TEL and plug it into the now empty handset jack on your phone.

You now have your primary wireless headset attached to the training adapter.

Setting up the second wireless headset:

Step 1: Take the cord from the second wireless base (this is the cord that would normally be plugged into the telephone) and plug it into the B jack on the training adapter.  Note: On the underside (older units) or back side (newer units) of the wireless charging base, there is a picture of a telephone, the cord coming from this jack is the one you will plug into the B jack on the adapter.

Step 2: Make sure you have the power adapter for the second headset plugged into the charging base and the other end plugged into a wall outlet or power strip.  The power indicator lights should be visible on both bases.

To configure the settings on the wireless training adapter:

On the training adapter where the single wire is coming from, next to TEL, there is a slider switch with two positions, 1 & 2, make sure the switch is sitting under number 2 when using two wireless headsets.

On the top of the training adapter there are two buttons for muting.  A is for the wireless headset plugged into the A jack and B is for the wireless headset plugged into the B jack.  When the button is up, that headset can be heard, when the button is pushed down, that headset is muted.  You can configure the headsets either way for talking or listening purposes.  This is also a great way to make a conference call with colleges.

Testing for a dial tone:

 Note: If you are not using an HL10 handset lifer, you will first need to take the handset out of the cradle and sit it off to the side of your phone to get a dial tone.  Turn on the headset plugged into A, you should have a dial tone, turn on the second headset, it should also have a dial tone.  You are now ready to start using your training adapter.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 800-914-7996; we will be more than happy to assist you.


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