Plantronics 5 Most Popular Bluetooth Headsets October 2011

voyagerproplus-headset1) Voyager Pro+ – In case you have missed out on having a really great Bluetooth, don’t wait any longer. Include this one on your holiday wish list.  This works great with the smart phones of the world. If you use this Bluetooth it comes with a free year of Vocalyst that is available once you register.




backbeat-903-headset2) BackBeat 903+ – When you want it, you buy it. Plantronics has the best Bluetooth available for your phone. The 903+ Stereo Bluetooth for Iphone and MP3’s, with all the latest technology for your hi-def music listening and a bass-boost feature, which enhances your music. Dual-mic AudioIQ has noise canceling for clear calls.  Flexible design quickly folds up for storage. Seven hours talk time.



plantronics_Discovery_9753) Discover 975 – 007 you’re not, but if you have the car pool and game practice pick up and delivery, this is your new best friend. With five hours of talk time, this has a dual mic with wind canceling.  So wherever you are, you can be heard. It comes with a case that can charge your headset, if you need the longer talk time.



Voyager Pro B230 UC (Mobile + Computer) 4) Voyager Pro B230 – This Plantronics VoyagerPro B230 Bluetooth headset has all you need to work your office from the road. This works with your PC and your cell phone. It has smart sensor technology that allows for an intuitive user experience.  This can be used for voice recognition applications as well.




backbeat-2165) BackBeat 216 – With deep, rich sound coming through the ear buds, hearing the deep bass with the great mid and high ranges the way they are intended to be heard.  This works with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The silicone ear tips help block out external sounds.




If you’re deciding between Bluetooth headsets & Corded mobile headset models, it never hurts to see what the most popular models are, because chances are other customers have purchased headsets and found what they liked and continue to purchase them. Bluetooth headsets make talking on your mobile phone easier and more productive with your hands free to write or type.

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