Plantronics Top 5 Most Popular Bluetooth & Corded Mobile Headsets – September 2011

 voyagerproplus-headset 1) Voyager Pro+ – You can listen to the music stream, podcasts, GPS, etc., thanks to the A2DP technology that is in this Bluetooth.  With this you truly can be on the go and still be in control. There is a one year free activation of Plantronics Vocalyst™ that can be activated.  You will never feel left out of the loop again. Answer the call, send the vocal text message.  You can talk to your headset and it will talk to you.

2) Explorer 240This sporty looking headset is only 11 grams of weight over your ear.  Digital Signal Processing (DSP) reduces noise, wind, and echo, while you can be hands free behind the wheel.  This has a 5-hour talk time. The charger is a mini USB port to an A/C adapter.

3) M175C – If your phone has a 2.5 jack this is perfect for you, not only can you use it as a headset for your cell phone, but this is great for the wireless handset telephones that you have at home. The M175C headset is also very useful for employees in a warehouse that have to carry a phone with them.
 backbeat-903-headset 4) BackBeat 903+ – You love listening to your music, so now you can with this Bluetooth headset that has a bass boost. Iphone & MP3 headset with Altec Lansing sound technology for hi def music.  There is a dual microphone with AudioIQ noise cancelling for crystal clear calls. This has an adapter that plugs into your phone and a 3.5 jack. This headset is wireless, but the adapter needs to be plugged into your phone.

5) BackBeat 216 – Are you in a state where a headset is required? Take a look at the Backbeat 216. This headset is made for the IPod, Iphone 4, Iphone 3GS, and IPad. This is compatible with most smart phones and other music phones with a standard 3.5 jack. It has a strong bass response with noise isolating ear buds; noise isolation is 16 dB. Control calls, music, and volume with inline button.

If you’re deciding between Bluetooth & Corded mobile headset models, it never hurts to see what the most popular models are, because chances are other customers have purchased headsets and found what they liked and continue to purchase them. Bluetooth headsets make talking on your mobile phone easier and more productive with your hands free to write or type.

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