Plantronics Busy Light / On-line Indicator tells people when you’re on the phone.

Problem: I have a Plantronics wireless headset and my co-workers often walk up to my desk and start talking to me when I am in the middle of a phone conversation.  Is there any device to let people know that I am on the phone?

Plantronics busy lightSolution: Wireless headsets are great, but sometimes they make it difficult for people around you to know when you are on the phone.  At Headsets Direct we try to find a solution for every problem.  In your case, the solution is the “Telephone Online Indicator”, otherwise known as the Plantronics busy light.   The Plantronics busy light (Plantronics #65116-02) will work with most of the wireless Plantronics headsets, except for the CT14, which is not compatible.  If you have the HL10 lifter for your wireless headset, you can simply plug the busy light into the jack at the back of the lifter.  If you don’t have the lifter, you can plug the busy light into the base unit of your wireless headset.  Unfortunately, the busy light is great for wireless headsets, but we don’t have a similar device for our corded headsets at this time.

This handy little device can be set on top of a cubical, placed prominently on your desk, or you can even hang it on the wall.  It comes with a cord that is about 6 feet long and it is purple with red flashing lights, which makes it hard to miss.  Everyone in our office has one and it prevents a lot of interruptions when we are on the phone with customers.  If you have questions about the busy light, or any other product that Plantronics manufactures, just call our toll free number and anyone who answers the phone will be happy to help you.

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