Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor – Introduction, Features and Benefits Video.

Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor: The new Plantronics DA80 is a high-performance USB audio processor for analog headsets.  The DA80 has a standard USB connection on one end, then a cord, then the inline controls, and finally the standard Plantronics quick disconnect.  This is where you would also need an H-Series headset to plug into the quick-disconnect connection … Continued

ThreeWill’s Popcorn App Integrates Headsets, Incoming Calls and Salesforce.

Incoming call? Answer It Through Popcorn on Your Computer Headset.   Popcorn is an innovative app that helps you better respond to incoming calls by pulling in information from Salesforce about callers and by making it convenient to complete important tasks, like logging calls. Popcorn facilitates better conversation and follow up through improved context about … Continued

What are my options for your best headset to use with my computer and VOIP:

PROBLEM: I need to purchase a good quality headset to use with my computer and VOIP.   What is your best computer headset? SOLUTION: You are asking a trick question because rarely is there one headset that is “best” for everyone.   Thank goodness Plantronics provides us with so many choices!   For example:  are you wanting a … Continued