ThreeWill’s Popcorn App Integrates Headsets, Incoming Calls and Salesforce.

Incoming call? Answer It Through Popcorn on Your Computer Headset.   Popcorn is an innovative app that helps you better respond to incoming calls by pulling in information from Salesforce about callers and by making it convenient to complete important tasks, like logging calls. Popcorn facilitates better conversation and follow up through improved context about … Continued

Top 5 Best Sellers for Plantronics Computer Headsets for April 2011

1) .Audio DSP-400 – Stereo headset with enhanced digital signal with DSP for crisp clean listening. Hear your DVD s, CDs, or MP3 with clarity. Bonus of a speech enhancing microphone.       2) Blackwire C220 – Binaural full wide band audio with stereo sound optimizing music and video quality. USB enhanced digital sound, … Continued

What is the difference between Plantronics and Radio Shack multimedia headsets?

A customer recently told us their homework assignment was to find out, “What is the difference in a Plantronics headset and a multimedia headset bought from Radio Shack?” That is a very good question, and a great homework assignment!  Typically the headsets that you find in retail stores are what is considered to be “consumer grade” … Continued