Need 100+ USB Headsets? Poly DA85 & HW520 Combo $69.94ea
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Plantronics T10H Headset Telephone – Ideal for Small Businesses

Are you starting your own home business and need a good telephone and headset?  The Plantronics T10H might just be the answer for you. The T10H is a telephone amplifier that uses a headset instead of a traditional telephone handset. The T10H is a single-line stand alone headset  phone that plugs right into your wall … Continued

With so many headset choices, here’s some help to get you started!

Problem: My boss has decided to purchase headsets so we can be more productive, better able to multitask, and hopefully avoid neck, shoulder and back problems from cradling our telephone handsets while trying to use the computer.  However there are so many different headset styles and we have 6 employees to try to please!  What … Continued

How does the Plantronics Headset Lifter work?

Q:  I am looking at Plantronics Headsets for my office phone.  How does the phone lifter work with 12 lines?  I presume I can hang up whatever line I’m on, but can’t pick up any of the 12 lines except at my phone, correct? A:  When you have a wireless headset with a handset lifter, … Continued

Q: What is the Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter?

A: The HL10 Handset Lifter accessory is designed to automatically lift most standard telephone handsets off the cradle when activated by your Plantronics wireless unit. Auto pickup of a ringing line needs to be supported by your phone for this function to work.