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Did You Know the Vista M22 Amplifier Has an AC Power Adapter?

In my previous life as a call center representative, I have used the Vista M22 Amplifier, but I always used it with batteries, not an AC Power Adapter.  Of course, if you are on the phone 8 hours a day, those batteries don’t last very long.  Even worse, you don’t want to be on a … Continued

Headsets Directs Wireless Headset Training Adapter 03929-63

Headsets Direct developed a product several years ago that allows you to use your Plantronics wireless headsets for training purposes. This little device, part number 03929-63, will work on just about any office phone that your Plantronics wireless headset works on. It’s really very simple to set up and use. It allows you to choose … Continued

Plantronics S12 has two different sized A/C transformer plug-ins

The New S12 A/C transformer plug is slightly larger and has “500mA” typed above the plug.   The new S12 uses 45671-01: https://www.headsetsdirect.com/45671-01-ac-adapter.html   The old S12 uses 73079-01: https://www.headsetsdirect.com/73079-01-a-c-adapter-s12.html

With so many headset choices, here’s some help to get you started!

Problem: My boss has decided to purchase headsets so we can be more productive, better able to multitask, and hopefully avoid neck, shoulder and back problems from cradling our telephone handsets while trying to use the computer.  However there are so many different headset styles and we have 6 employees to try to please!  What … Continued