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Bluetooth Headset Profiles

Bluetooth Profiles Well, here we are twelve years into the twenty-first century and what changes we’ve seen in the mobile telecommunication industry.  Remember the old mobile phones?  Bulky walkie-talkie type monstrosities that felt like you had a brick on your hip when carrying it on your belt.  Today’s models are small sleek units that fit … Continued

Plantronics Calisto Pro Troubleshooting- Pairing with a new headset

Pairing with a new headset: Your Plantronics Calisto Pro can be used with other Plantronics Bluetooth headsets. You can pair only one headset at a time with the Calisto handset. Please note that other headsets may not behave the same or offer all the same features as the Calisto headset. 1. On the main screen, press … Continued

Q: Will my Voyager 510S work on my computer ?

A:   Yes. And since the Voyager 510 headset is Bluetooth, there are a few possibilities. The first option which is the most cost effective and easiest way is of course if you have a newer computer that has Bluetooth built in, then all you have to do is pair it up. Our 2nd option is that you can purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter … Continued