Does Plantronics Sell Calisto Speakerphones? Yes we do!

As you may or may not know, Plantronics specializes in many different types of Headsets.  What you probably don’t know is Plantronics also has a Speakerphone.  The Calisto SpeakerPhone is not your average phone by any means.  We have all talked to someone on a speakerphone, and it is usually an unpleasant experience.  Voices sound … Continued

Plantronics Calisto 800 Series Date Codes

This article pertains to Calisto Models 820, 820-M, 825, 825-M, 830, 830-M, 835, and 835-M. The Date Code is located on the label on the back of the speakerphone next to the word “Date,” and is formatted as MMM-YY.  

Connecting a Bluetooth Device to Your Calisto P800 Series Speakerphone

Question: I like the Calisto P800 series speakerphones for my home office using a single line telephone system, but sometimes I need to keep my conversations private.  I read that you can pair Bluetooth devices, like headsets, to them without using any adapters.  That’s just what I’m looking for, but how is it done, and … Continued